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What Are Performance Arts

One of the exciting aspects about art is that there are many different forms of it. Included in this is the performance arts. This is a form of art where the artist is interactive in the art piece. For example, the artist may use their voice to express the purpose of the art. Or they may use their body to act out the art form. These are the resources they are relying on to make their artistic impression. There is a distinct difference between the performing arts and visual arts. With visual arts, the completed piece is static.

Careers in Performance Arts

18 Mar 2021

There are courses and degrees available at various colleges and universities for those individuals actually interested in a career in the many genres of performing arts. These qualifications can lead to careers in acting, music, dance, choreography, and dance. The classes will include a mix of practical tasks and theory.

The History of Performance Art

24 Feb 2021

Performance art is not a new concept. It is a way of showcasing ideas and emotions primarily through the body's actions. It began with rituals, dancing, carnivals, and storytelling. Modern performance art began in 1910 with the Futurists group, who set out to provoke reactions.

Artistic Expression in Game Design

3 Dec 2020

What do online casino games have to do with art? At first glance, it might not be obvious. However, there are many aesthetic elements involved.

The number of people who play online casino games increases each year. What keeps their attention? Artistic components, like color, graphics, music, and sound effects, play a significant role. Curious? Take a look at to see what we are talking about. 



Online gambling sites use color strategically. It can be part of a game or help remind the player of a live casino experience. Let’s look at some of the most common color choices.

Red and Black

Red and black are probably the most-used colors. They show up on the roulette wheel and playing cards.


This color often represents money. It can also make people think of a slot machine jackpot, with coins pouring out.

Gold bars appear in many slot games. Getting them in the right order could bring a bonus game or, even better, a huge payout.


Green shows up in many places in a casino, including the table used for roulette, craps, and poker. This color also stands for money. You can often find it in the image of a dollar sign or stack of bills.

Fruit Tones

Slot machines, whether land-based or virtual, typically use many fruit images. So, you’ll see red, yellow, orange, green, and maybe even purple. The colors help differentiate the symbols and hold the player’s attention.


Image quality is continually increasing all over the internet. With the introduction of new technologies, online casino games are becoming more attractive, too.


Like most internet-based games, online casinos started out using two-dimensional images. Advanced graphics aren’t essential for play.

However, higher-quality images attract a user’s attention. Because of this, game designers are always searching for ways to improve the player’s experience.


Three-dimensional graphics provide the feel of being in a land-based casino. The more attractive the images, the longer people stay.

Some users may even find the graphics so impressive that they forget about the money and continue just for fun. One website that introduced 3D images found the number of players increased.


Game designers also use music to attract users. This art form has powerful psychological effects. It can help engage players for longer.

Developers choose background music strategically. They select pieces that are already popular with their target audience. For instance, a movie-themed online slot game might use the tunes from that film.

Sound Effects

Sound effects are critical to any stage performance or TV show. They help convey meaning and evoke emotions.

Online casino games are no different. Developers choose sound effects to provide a unique and captivating experience for the player.

To make online games as realistic as possible, designers may include the roulette wheel’s sounds, playing cards, and clicking slot machines. Bells or whistles may go off when someone wins.

Summing It Up

Artistic expression in casino games comes in several forms. Designers use color, graphics, music, and sound effects. All of these components help hold players’ attention and keep them engaged longer.

What are Performance Arts?

28 Nov 2020

Performance arts cover a vast range of subjects but are mainly thought of in terms of theatre and dance. However, they can also include circus skills, art installations, and object manipulation. Typically, an audience is required, and the art is performed live, often at a festival.